Release v1.14.0


  • T03: Possibility to upload raster files to recharge boundary

Bug fixes

  • T03: Fixes bug in boundary mapping when soil layers has been deleted
  • T03: Fixes Error in HOB-Package
  • T03: Fixes Error in LineBoundary interpolation

Release v1.12.0


  • T03: Implementation of LAKE boundary


  • T03/T07: UI improvement to start a Scenario Analysis
  • T03: Flow Budget menu item is now included in the Flow Results

Bug fixes

  • Datadropper out of quota
  • T03 SEAWAT: VSC-package was always enabled
  • T03 SEAWAT: Budget View has been disabled in some cases

Release v1.11.1


  • T03: added VSC package for SEAWAT
  • T03: Budget View: additional parameter tslen is shown

Bug fixes

  • T03: Fixes in model import/export (models are now similar after export and import)
  • T03: Fix units for ss and sy in soil model
  • T03: Bugfix import GeoJSON model and area, following tutorials
  • T03: Bugfix in grid rotation
  • T03: Cross section results cannot be viewed when working with only one row or first row/column
  • T03: Calibration: time series
  • T03: Calibration statistics not shown
  • T03: Grid rotation: IBOUND layer seems not to be rotated
  • T03: MT3DMS: bugfix in package Output control option
  • T10: Bugfix importing CSV data

Release v1.10.2


  • T03: Allow multi-polygon GeoJSON for boundaries
  • T03: Increased maximum zoom level

Bug fixes

  • T10: Server error for sensors
  • T03: Errors in model import
  • T03: Show all modflow files in the calculation view
  • T03: Fixed units
  • T03: Worker CALCULATE_CELLS_INPUT doesn’t return error
  • T03: Calibration reads values from wrong layer

Release v1.10.1


  • Add checkbox to accept security specifications to sign up form

Release v1.10.0


  • T03: Time series can now be imported to boundaries from T10
  • T03: Implement option to exclude wells completely from the calibration view
  • T03: Implement possibility to fetch digital elevation models from Microsoft Azure
  • T07: Boundary stress period data in scenarios can now be changed by percentage
  • T10: Implement aggregation in time processing

Bug fixes

  • T03: Fix model import
  • T07: Scenarios can be edited again
  • Performance improvements

Release v1.9.2


  • T03: Plot date-time values in boundary details view
  • T03: Add time series chart to the calibration view
  • T10: Automatic update of time and value processing
  • T20: Add possibility to save as T03 instance

Bug fixes

  • T03: instances are now shown in the admin panel and can be deleted
  • T10: Various fixes

Release v1.9.1

  • T03: Fix time-series view
  • T03: Fix concentration results
  • T03: Implement CSV export for time series
  • T10: Refactor and fix various bugs
  • T15: Keep consistency in labeling, invert colors for results graphs, replace “Sine Fit Results” with “Results”, correct names in results table, roundup to integer values in Residence Time columns

Release v1.9.0

  • T03: Implement grid refinement
  • T03: Standardize CSV Import
  • T03: Speed up mfPackages calculation
  • Several bug fixes

Release v1.8.2

  • T15: Fix numbers were parsed as strings in treatment processes
  • T19: Sync result diagrams
  • T20: Modflow model is now being cloned when using it in real-time modelling

Release v1.8.0

  • T03: Activate/Deactivate boundaries for calculation
  • T03: Fix importing head to start
  • T03: Better scaling of y-axis in results view
  • T15: Various improvements and fixes

Release v1.7.0

  • Implement T15: Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment
  • T03: Show Hob-Names in Tooltips
  • T19: Fix interpolation method

Release v1.6.0


  • T03: Show changes in Boundary import and allow the user to keep old boundaries
  • T03: Results: Implement time-series view for selected cells
  • T03: Soilmodel: Implement raster download
  • T03: Soilmodel: Show information pane, when clicking on a cell
  • Improve admin section
  • Implement T20: Real-time modeling

Bug fixes

  • T03: Automatically remove negative cells