T11. MAR Model Selection

The tool helps in the selection of a suitable model for the evaluation of MAR specific issues.

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Numerous models have been applied to evaluate the occurring processes during the design, implementation and optimization of Managed Aquifer Recharge schemes. This tool provides a comprehensive overview of suitable models which have already been applied to asses MAR-related topics and is based on a review of modeling MAR case studies (Ringleb et al., 2016). The database was extended to also cover articles published after 2015. As the selection of a suitable model suite for a particular problem is often a challenge, the tool facilitates interactive filtering and model comparison. The user can define criteria such as the covered MAR method, the objective of the modeling study and the considered processes to limit the list of suitable models. In that way it helps the user to select a suitable model to evaluate his MAR-specific issue. The tool further provides a list of case studies of model applications with regard to the user-defined filter criteria. Further information about the commonly used software codes such as equations used, dimensions, licenses and model homepage is given if the models were used previously in at least two published case studies.

The following filter criteria can be used to limit the list of suitable models:

  • Main MAR method
  • General objective of modeling study
  • Processes considered

If the user needs further filtering of the suitable models, e.g. if the list of models is still too long, more specific filter criteria can be set for the objective of the modeling study and the MAR method used:

  • Specific MAR method
  • Specific objective of modeling study

Depending on the number of filter criteria specified and the definiteness of the user-specified criteria, the number of suitable models which have already been applied varies. If the list of suitable models is too long for the user to consider, more specific filter criteria such as the specific MAR method or the specific objective of the modeling study should be defined. If the list shows no suitable model, the user should broaden and generalize the chosen filter criteria. Especially for some MAR methods such as Rainwater and Runoff Harvesting only a very small number of modeling studies have been conducted so far. Here it is better to first filter the objective of the modeling study and processes considered and not to specify the MAR method to get a better overview of suitable models.


  • Ringleb, J., Sallwey, J., Stefan, C., 2016. Assessment of Managed Aquifer Recharge through Modeling—A Review. Water 8, 579. doi:10.3390/w8120579